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The Lilypad is the newsletter of the Michigan Democratic Party Environmental Caucus. Here we provide updates on news, events, and action items taking place throughout the state. 


Each issue of the Lilypad contains updates on current and upcoming projects, as well as information and resources to assist you in organizing locally. 

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  • Food Waste: An Environmental Offender 

  • Reducing Plastic Use

  • Updates on MDP Rules Committee

  • Protecting MI Waters from CAFO Waste

  • Additional Resource: Make Food Not Waste

  • Additional Resource: Save the Food

Issue 4 | November 2019

  • A Summer Around the State

  • Proactive Energy Reductions

  • Solidarity with UAW Strikes

  • Environmental Toolkit

  • EEE Outbreak

  • Global Climate Strike

  • Line 5 Update

  • Additional Resource: 3 Billion Birds

Issue 3 | October 2019

Issue 2 | June 2019

  • DEQ to EGLE Executive Order 2019-06

  • Shutting Down Line 5

  • Eco-Friendly Picnic Guide

  • Best Practices Database

  • Lansing BWL Approves Fossil Fuel Plant

  • Banning the Plastic Bag Ban Ban

  • Pipe Out Paddle Up Flotilla

  • Additional Resource: Climate Stick

  • Five Things Every Citizen Should Know

  • Shutting Down Line 5

  • Polluter Pay

  • Green New Deal NOW

  • Best Practices Database

  • Dredging of the Grand River

  • Net Metering Under Threat

  • Trump’s Dirty Water Executive Order

  • Additional Resource: DEQ Environmental Mapper

Issue 1 | April 2019