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2020 Convention Guidelines

The Spring Convention is one of the largest regular gatherings of Michigan Democrats. This years convention will take place virtually on Saturday, February 20th. This is an opportunity to hear from key elected officials, and vote for delegates to the State Central Committee, the highest governing body of the Michigan Democratic Party. The Environmental Caucus will also hold elections on this date. Rules for Voting are as follows: 1.0 PURPOSE

1.1 These rules outline the process for elections within the Michigan Democratic Party Environmental Caucus, as pursuant to the Rules for Voting and Elections in the Michigan Democratic Party.


2.1 Eligible candidates for high-level office within the Environmental Caucus shall be required to file their candidacy with the Environmental Caucus at least 14 days in advance of the election. Higher level office shall be defined as any officer position such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, and excludes positions within each congressional district.

2.2 A candidate files for candidacy by emailing their name, contact information, and the office sought to Candidates may also submit testament to their candidacy.

2.3 If a candidate is running on a slate that includes other candidates seeking office within the Environmental Caucus, this slate ought to be included in their file for candidacy.

2.4 All eligible voting members within the Environmental Caucus ought to be notified of the complete list of candidates in advance to the election.


3.1 The first order of business upon convening during odd year spring conventions shall be the election of a convention chair who will be elected to govern the election process.

3.2 The convention chair may not be a candidate for Environmental Caucus Chair, Vice-chair, or any other officer position at the time of the convention.

3.3 Nominations for convention chair may be taken from the floor and it is recommended that candidates for convention chair be of a neutral party to the respective election.

3.4 Votes cast for convention chair shall be done so in accordance with the Rules for Voting and Elections in the Michigan Democratic Party.


4.1 Pursuant to Section 5.4 of the Rules for Voting and Elections in the Michigan Democratic Party, single position offices shall be elected separately.

4.2 Each congressional district shall be responsible for the election of their own board members. Voters must reside within the region describing each office in order to be eligible to vote for a representative to that office.

4.3 A parliamentarian representative from the Michigan Democratic Party shall tally votes in each congressional district and report the results to the convention chair.

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