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Join the Rapid Response Team

This is an invitation for you to join the Michigan Democratic Party - Environmental Caucus' Rapid Response Team (RRT) What is the RRT? It is a group of individuals that respond to political emergencies that involves environmental issues. They can take many forms. It might be a bill that is about to be brought up in front of a committee or a legislative body for a vote. In this case the team rallies various individuals and groups to contact their legislators to vote in a manner that would be favorable to the environment.

It also might take the form of an impending environmental crisis that the news media needs to address. We would then make the appropriate media aware of the situation.

We are a newly formed group but have had a fair degree of success. The main issue we have addressed to this point has been Michigan; HB 4236. We contacted dozens of other environmental groups and individuals and encouraged them to contact the appropriate legislator to encourage them to vote foe HB 4236. Although the bill is still stuck in committee we have not only had many people contact their representatives but also have successfully collaborated with other environmental groups.

If you are interested in joining us to make a difference or just have questions write

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