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Response to Attorney General Nessel's Legal in Defense of the Straits of Mackinaw


Language by Shannon Donley

The announcement made Thursday June 27th is the “shot heard ‘round the

world” as we move closer to decommissioning the credible threat of a Line 5

rupture in the Straits of Mackinaw.

News of Attorney General Nessel’s actions is confirmation of her dedication to

the protection of our water, the adjacent waterways and the Straits of

Mackinaw themselves. Although many have wondered when Line 5 would be

shut down as promised throughout campaign season, the answer is in Ms.

Nessel’s own words,

“ I wanted to give Governor Whitmer time to reach an agreement which

would get the pipelines out of the Straits in an expedited basis.”

This process turned a political promise into tangible action and became

testimony to her integrity and strength on behalf of us all.

This is only the beginning. The wheels of the judicial system move slowly.

Enbridge Energy has very deep pockets and their oil is still moving through the

ticking time bomb dual pipeline under the water. We are putting our faith in

hoping that part of what was filed included a “Cease and Desist” motion to

prevent any spill or leak that could happen as the case moves forward.

We stand with Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Nessel and will

continue to support them in their roles of Environmental Leaders as

they stand for the water and the life it sustains in Michigan.

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