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Statement on Enbridge Negotiations per Line 5


Language by Shannon Donley

The Environmental Caucus of the MDP is concerned that our governor has chosen to open

discussions of a Utility Tunnel encasing and housing LINE 5 with Enbridge Corporation. We oppose any solution that does not include the decommissioning and removal of dual pipeline-

Line 5 from the waters of the Straits of Mackinac.

While we applaud her transparency, decommissioning the pipeline is the appropriate solution

to this menace. We acknowledge the need for the creation of jobs and access to resources for

the people in the Upper Peninsula, but there are numerous alternatives to be discussed. These

alternatives do not necessitate collaboration of Enbridge Corporation.

Enbridge has enjoyed many former administrations turning a blind eye to their irresponsible

and illegal activities. Under Governor Whitmer’s administration, many of her constituents,

environmental grass-roots organizations, and tribal entities supported her as she joined many

in shouts of “Shut Down Line 5! Four months later, just past her first 100 days in office, she

seems to be following precedent set before-it’s ok, nothing’s happened. Governor Whitmer,

something WILL happen if Line 5 is not decommissioned and unequivocally shut down in


A tunnel is not the solution to the overlying problem. Line 5 is a disaster waiting to happen.

We do not have five years to wait for a tunnel to be built. Nor do we have three years for any

more studies. Every day spent trying to devise a solution that involves a company who has

already demonstrated contempt for the safety and well-being of the water and people of

Michigan, you put all of this state at risk.

Again, Governor Whitmer, the members of this caucus implore you to stand for the Great

Lake state and tell Enbridge a tunnel is not a solution. Immediate shut down is.

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