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Vote No on Prop 1 To Protect Michigan's Land for Future Generations and the Environment!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

MDP Environmental Caucus Statement on Proposition 20-1

September 29, 2020

The MDP Environmental Caucus is urging our Governor, Legislators, members, and citizens throughout the State of Michigan to oppose Prop. 1. This Proposition is a constitutional amendment and, should it pass, will be extremely difficult to abolish or amend. Though the intent seems positive for parks and recreation, it ties us to the past instead of protecting Michigan’s future. Many years ago, the state agreed to give royalties from oil and gas production on state land to a land acquisition fund to expand state parks and protected areas. This was done in part to address environmental concerns relating to oil and gas production on state land.

Legislation is gaining traction that would change the recreation passport to an “opt out” model. This could increase funding for maintenance and stewardship of state park land. This and future programs may be adequate to address any shortfall as antiquated fossil-fuel industries are phased out of our state.

Proposal 1 is a constitutional amendment that reserves 75% of the oil and gas royalties for improvements in infrastructure and recreation on state land, diverting funds away from land acquisition. Land acquisition is an important piece to the puzzle of protecting and restoring critically endangered ecosystems and renewing pristine waterways.

Therefore, after careful consideration and thoughtful discourse, the Environmental Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party stands in opposition of Proposition 20-1. Please help us defeat this Amendment to our state Constitution.

Michigan Democratic Party Environmental Caucus

Update 10/11/2020: This article was amended to correct an erroneous statement about the passing of SB1258, which was not signed into law.

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