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Voters, Don’t Skip Michigan Supreme Court on Ballot

Guest Column

Lansing, Michigan—Citizens who only vote straight-ticket will miss voting for two Michigan Supreme Court seats, if they do not vote the nonpartisan section

Although candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court fall under the nonpartisan section, it is important to note that political parties still nominate judicial candidates. The Michigan Democratic Party has nominated Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack for a second term and Elizabeth Welch to fill an open seat. The Michigan Republican Party’s nominations will be announced at their convention.

The Michigan Supreme Court makes decisions that impact all residents of Michigan. For example, the state’s high court has ruled on tax disputes, electric utility rates and the auto insurance system within recent years. In the future, the Michigan Supreme Court could deliver the final ruling on issues such as the rights of LGBTQ Michiganders, women’s access to health care and affirmative action. Michigan law can change with every legislative term, but decisions from courts are long-lasting.

The open seat on the Michigan Supreme Court will decide whether justices nominated by Democrats or those nominated by Republicans hold a majority on the court. Voters must not skip the nonpartisan section of their ballots; our future depends on it.

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